The Club

                The club is hyper controlled, Thursday spends a good majority of her time with one eye in a conversation and one watching the door, so she can line up her next conversation. The club runs on Intimacy. Kayla tells a man to take her hand while she guides him to a private room where it is quieter, the seats are softer and not sticky, and where she can sit right next to him, instead of having a table seperate them. The club exists for performace, when Orchid finished their set on stage they squat down to fill their money bag.

                The Money bag holds everything Orchid needs, it holds their money yes, and it also holds their lipgloss, mints, and tampons, but the money bag helps Orchid display how they would like to be looked upon. Orchid uses their bag not only as an accessory but also as a tool to let others know how they want to be percieved, a dancer that holds a gucci purse is percieved differently in the club than one that holds a bubblegum pink backpack. In the club everyone is making quick, real time judgements based on interactions. Something elses her too about how to use the space to your advantage.